Women Pack of 3 shoe liner Socks




1. JUMP USA socks are made up of bamboo cotton and spandex.
2. Bamboo cotton is antibacterial, sweat-absorbent, insulating, hypoallergenic, soft and eco-friendly.
3. Spandex is a lightweight material which retains its shape after use.
4. A combination of both delivers a body-oil resistant, durable and comfortable pair of socks.
5. The cushioned interior makes our socks comfortable for a variety of activities like running and skipping.
6. JUMP USA has a complete collection of ankle length socks, calf length socks and no show socks for you.
7. They fit many different feet sizes as they have a stretch size of 21 cms.
8. Our socks are small enough to fit in your pocket with 9cms non-stretch size.
9. All our ankle length socks and no show socks have the Y-heel which prevents them from rolling down your feet.

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